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Yumchek is a platform that gives rewards and cashbacks to shoppers when they snap a photo of their grocery bills and restaurant receipts. We have over one million Yumchekers across 600 cities and growing. Our consumer engagement initiated from January 2017 has ‘real time’ consumption data and analytics capability that is a gold mine for marketers.

How We Analyze Consumption Trends

Consumer Snap Photo of their Receipt

Yumchek app has one of the highest retention and engagement rates, allowing us to collect much more information than traditional consumer panels. This information comes directly from the consumer post real time usage.

Extract Item-level Data from Receipts

We extract every item on the receipt; collecting brand names, money spent, time of purchase, day, date and total value.

Additional Survey for Richer Insights

Consumers receive targeted surveys asking relevant questions at the right time, giving us insights into the why questions. Consumers can get rewards and play games to ensure engagement on the app.

Consumers are Fully Profiled

Consumers fill in demographic survey questions and we triangulate all other information including basket content, social media, device, geo-location and many more to accurately profile our consumers.

Real Time

The app only accepts invoices within 48 hours of the transaction. Hence, the consumer uploading the receipts based on their immediate consumption or purchase.

Consumer Engagement

Users can upload receipts and accumulate points (Yummies) and redeem them to play Yotto - the fun part and motivator to upload bills.

Our Services

Consumer Insights Analytics

  • Category, Sub-category and Brand
  • Competition
  • Geographic/Regional
  • Grocery Basket/Food Habit Analysis

Targeted Consumer Connect

  • Customized Brand Surveys
  • Predictive Targeting
  • Sampling
  • Testing Promotions/Campaigns

Product Tracking System

  • Data of end user consumption
  • Freshness check
  • Authenticity check
  • Incentivise users
  • Redirect users to brand website

Sample Reports

Basket Analysis

Understanding and in-depth analysis of the shopping cart by a consumer in a grocery store. Further breaking it down to category, sub-category and brand level. Deep dives based on brand and business requirements.

Freshness/Authenticity Index

Coding products and packaging to provide instant check on the packaging details to measure freshness of the product. Coding is also useful to determine authenticity and genuineness of the product.

Category Level Promotion

Understanding consumption pattern and usage. Deep dive into Categories, sub categories and brands. Segregation by demographics, geo location and stores/F&B listings.


Daily app interactions


Consumer product engagements


No. of brands covered


Restaurants listed

Company Philosophy

Yumchek’s vision is to create the most comprehensive database of people’s eating and drinking habits with real time data updates.

Thus, we have designed a state of the art technical architecture and implemented a robust and scalable server infrastructure using Amazon Web Services.

Further, to deepen our consumer profiles, we have integrated with Google, Yahoo, and Facebook databases in an automated and seamless manner.

All this allows us to generate intelligent consumer insights by understanding the relevant demographics on various parameters for the benefit of the brands. Lastly, our consumer connect is governed by a set of SOPs to ensure data privacy and meaningful engagement.

Consumer Testimonials

Divya Grover

New Delhi

    Yumchek is amazing and provides excellent information on restaurants. I love Yotto and I am proud to be a part of this awesome Yumchek family.

Raman Negi

New Delhi

    You guys are doing a great job by helping hungry children. Keep it up and I'll never stop uploading my meal receipts on Yumchek.



    Must say you people at Yumchek have done great back end work and the best thing is customer satisfaction. I am highly elated.

Nilesh Londhe


    Yumchek is a very unique app. My favorite feature is that I can quickly find restaurants near my home and office. It saves me a lot of time.

Vibhu Jain


    Great app !! Kudos to Yumchek for helping in feeding kids mid-day meals. Nice effort!

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